Guidelines On How The Club Chooses Its Performers



The Folk Club gets a large number of enquiries from people wishing to perform on our Club nights and events. These enquiries come via word of mouth, email, website enquiry, letter and telephone calls.  In fact, we get far more requests than we could ever possibly accommodate.

In the past, Folk Club Bookings Officers approached performers, particularly locals, to provide the entertainment for members.  There was a period when fewer locals were available and the Club needed to look further afield for its performers.  The result of this has been that for a long time now the Club has not needed to approach performers but has chosen them from those who have contacted the Club to request a gig.  The exception to this is when a support act is required.  The Bookings Officer may then approach a performer/s directly.

Occasionally the Bookings Officer may see an act in the course of their travels to festivals, other Clubs and events, that they consider is worthwhile and different to what is generally showcased at our Club. In these circumstances the Bookings Officer may approach a performer/s directly.  Also, if a member has requested a particular performer/s be considered or if someone recommends a particular performer/s, then again, a direct approach may be made.  There are some performers that may be asked to return more often due to their popularity with our members.

On top of our usual Club nights we hold an average of 4 ‘bush’ dances spread throughout the year.  The Club also holds an occasional additional event such as a special concert or house concert for touring artists when members get behind the event and help to run it.  Our annual festival ‘Sessionfest’ is a ‘no paid performers – no festival fee’ event.  It is a genuine session style event where the audience are also the performers.

The decisions about who gets to perform at our Club nights and events are made by the whole Committee following input and recommendation from the Bookings Officer.

The current payment arrangement is that we pay 80% of the (net) door take, ie after all Club night/event related expenses have been paid.  These expenses include the rent, the provision of sound equipment and the Support Act, who is generally paid $50 or the performer/s are granted one year’s complimentary membership to our Club.  These payments are considered to be the regular expenses paid from the door take before the Main Act payment is calculated.   [Performers are often able to supplement their income  with CD sales where applicable.]  The remaining 20% is retained by the Club to assist in covering the costs of Insurance, our newsletter and advertising expenses etc.

Other income such as canteen sales, raffles, supper donations, membership payments etc are not taken into account when determining the costs for the event as these items produce their own income and expenses and go towards covering the overall costs of running the Club.

Our Club is a community based not-for-profit group and it is our desire to ensure that performers receive a reasonable payment for their services.  Sometimes a greater percentage of the door take is paid where the Club has made satisfactory profit for the event.  The Club will also, where possible, pay performers a reasonable amount even when insufficient audience numbers attend to make any profit on the event. ie we occasionally run at a loss when audience numbers are low.  When this happens the total door take may be given over to ensure that performers get some reward for their efforts.

Performers wishing to apply for a gig at our Club should contact our Bookings Officer or email us via the contact page