Life Membership

Members may be nominated for Life Membership of the Club prior to the AGM. Members can only be nominated by another current member and must receive a seconder for the nomination to be eligible for consideration by the Committee


Must have a minimum of 12 years Club membership overall AND have provided ‘substantial input’ to the running/organisation of the Club/Festival. (‘Substantial’ and ‘input’ being at the discretion of the Committee. May include performance on behalf of the Club.) However, Life Membership may also be granted by the Club in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Committee.


Members to be asked to put forward a maximum of 2 names per member at a time appointed by the Committee – preferably at the last 2 Club nights/events prior to the AGM.Nominations are to be provided to a member of the Committee. Nominees must meet Life Membership Criteria however members do not have to establish if the nominees have met the criteria. The Committee must determine that. The final decision is to be made by the Committee, in consideration of members’ preferences ie if a particular nomination has been made by several members.


A maximum of 2 persons may be granted Life Membership in any financial year.


Free annual single/family membership (and including newsletters where appropriate) according to what the Life Member had previously been paying. Does not include children as from when they become eligible for adult membership. Life Members will be issued with a special ‘Life Membership’ card, which will be presented by the Club President at or as soon after the AGM as is practicable. (a supply of blanks is to be held by the Club Membership Officer,) (Note – Life Members will still be requested to make the appropriate donations at Club nights/events.)


The names of Life Members are to be recorded by the Membership Officer on a page set aside in the Membership Book/Record, and the information carried forward to ensure constant and current listing.As there are only 2 Life Memberships granted each year, it is generally intended that Life Membership be generally given to those who are current members or that will gain some benefit from being given one. ie if a person has moved away or no longer (or rarely) attends Club events, bestowing the Life Membership will be of little benefit. The Club incurs additional costs for every Life Membership granted so the viability of any nomination should be considered.Members should note that Life Memberships are given via a nomination process. Members should actively participate in the process if they feel someone is worthy of nomination. Whilst the final decision rests with the Committee, input from those making a nomination regarding a persons eligibility is welcomed and should be taken into account by the Committee when making a decision.Life Membership may be bestowed on a couple (or family) if appropriate eg if a partner has assisted in Folk Club activity or has in some way enabled someone to carry out Folk Club activity.


1998 Neville Cunningham

1998 John Day *

1999 Kay Cogan

1999 Trevor McIlveen

2001 Lisa Parkinson

2001 Brent Rodgers

2002 Ron Brown

2002 Julie Castles

2003 Marie Inzitari *

2003 Colleen Shipman

2006 Allan Thompson

2007 Cecille Coan

2007 Dave Marley

2009 Neil Kilgour

2009 Jeff Marley

2010 Vicki Wiseman

2011 Margaret Kenning

2013 Lainey Velt

2013 Shane and Roz Kerr