6th July ~ A Double Bill!

Gilbert Whyte  PLUS  The Doctors Wife     7.30pm 1 Hour each.


Gilbert Whyte  is an acclaimed singer-songwriter, a popular favourite at many festivals.  Here are some of the comments he has earned: 

‘A Folk Styled singer, Gilbert could easily be compared to groups such as Fleet Foxes and Mumford and Sons, with a splash of Cannes Heat. He has a simple but interesting sound that incorporates the use of Banjo, Acoustic Guitar and Harmonica. His presence can be described as that of a minstrel, with a strong, clear, rustic voice. His songs are both unique and rhythmic, separated by some genuine and interesting banter’     – The VOMA

‘Songs that touch you, leaving you thinking about family, relationships, and your place in the world’

– Suzanne Gervay, Novelist.

Gilbert’s songs are your songs. They tell about life and touch your heart. His guitar style is exciting and melodic, and leaves you with a sense of wanting more’ – Pat O’Leary Musician/Writer/Poet. 

‘Makes you feel like you are having a cup of tea in his lounge room. The audience is perfectly silent in captivation during the music, but at the end of each song this is contrasted with some of the most genuinely enthusiastic applause that I have ever heard!’

-Ruth Wise-Fairbridge Music Festival Organiser-  See him on www.myspace/Gilbert Whyte.



The Doctors WifeDoctor’s Wife  a captivating trio(and sometimes the odd extra muso!!) who play an eclectic mix of new and old folk music.   Increasingly, original music is featuring in their sets as songs and instrumentals.   Well developed harmonies are a feature of their singing and instrumentals featuring clawhammer banjo gets the foot tappin’….    Both Peter and Andrew have been playing stringed instruments forever and Nicky just sings because she loves it!!!      http://peterallsop.blogspot.com.au/